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Hello Everyone!


We're looking for ideas for Lucky Crates 2022 Specials:

- Tags

- Special Tools/Weapons Names


Best/Chosen ideas will receive a reward of 5x Lucky Crate Keys.


DCG Update 2.1
Pathu3 months ago

Hello, dear dcgaming network players!


Server Game Changes:

  • Shop Update:
    • ShroomLight Added To The Shop
    • Phantom Membrane Added To The Shop
  • Fixed
    • Added permissions for the Kits
    • Fixed Crates
    • Fixed permissions
    • Updated AntiCheat System
    • Updated Login System
    • Updated PlayerPoints
    • Updated SlimeFun Book
  • World Reset [Survival]
    • Reset Nether World
    • Reset End World


Website Changes:

  • Up...
DCG Update 2.0
Pathu4 months ago

Hello, dear dcgaming network players!

Server Game Changes :

  1. Updated AntiCheat System
  2. Updated RandomTeleport System
  3. Updated restart timer
  4. Added NPC to the spawn
  5. Added permissions for the Auction plugin
  6. Fixed crates
  7. Fixed Holograms
  8. Fixed permissions
  9. Fixed logs break issue
  10. Fixed votifier and votes listener



You can now play the pocket edition on our server

IP -

Server Back To Online. Join And Play 🙂. but the survival server is still maintenance

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